Wednesday, August 15, 2007


If anyone is reading this and hoping that I will post more patterns, I'm sorry. I've had some family emergencies going on in the past few months, from my dad passing away to non-stop problems with my ex. I'm still working on my knitting and crocheting, just not as much as I would like to do.

Currently on the needles: Another bag that is done entirely out of thread, dishcloth done in thread, and slippers (or dorm boots) for me and the kids.

On those dorm boots: I'm using the pattern for the Lopi Boots but made some changes to it. Like the needle size and the yarn used. I'm allergic to wool. Very allergic. Plus I don't have enough circular needles to do what the pattern called for. So using the basic pattern, I divided it up onto 4 double point needles from Lion Brand. The following picture is of my daughter's finished boots and what it looks like in progress with my son's boots.

Yes, it's a slight trick to knitting on double point needles like this in the beginning, but it's worth the results when they are done. If anyone wants to try to do this pattern the way I did, I used size 7 for my daughter's boots, size 8 for my son's and probably will use the 8's for my own boots as well. Just not sure yet. These were also made slightly larger than they probably should have been, but then there is enough room to wear socks if you want. Oh, before I forget, the yarn is Red Heart Super Saver worsted weight yarn.