Monday, April 2, 2007

Chocolate Hobo Bag

Here is my favorite Pattern, the Chocolate Hobo bag. Hope you have as much fun as I did making it.
Chocolate Hobo Bag

One lb cone Peaches-n-Cream worsted weight Cotton, Chocolate or whatever color you choose. (If doing the stripes, then have a contrasting color yarn handy, but make sure it is cotton yarn as well)

Size 8 double pointed needles (must have 5 in the package)
Size 8 Circular Needles (I can’t remember the length at this time)
Size G crochet hook (optional)
Button of choice (optional)
Yarn Needle for sewing
Ring markers.

Using double pointed needles, leaving about a foot length of yarn, cast on 8 stitches and divide between 4 needles. Join, being careful not to twist them.

Rnd 1: Increase in each stitch knitting
Rnd 2: knit one, increase one around
Rnd 3: knit 2, increase one around
Rnd 4: knit 3, increase one around
Rnd 5: knit 4, increase one around
Rnd 6: knit 5, increase one around
Rnd 7: knit 6, increase one around
Rnd 8: knit 7, increase one around
Rnd 9: knit 8, increase one around
Rnd 10: knit 9, increase one around. During this round, it might be helpful if you put stitch markers right after your increase. Also, remember to mark the beginning of the round at this point.
Next rnd: knit
Next rnd: knit until one stitch before marker, increase.
Repeat these last 2 rounds until you have a total of 144 stitches, switching to the circular needles when necessary.
Next rnd: Knit straight until desired length. If desired, add stripes in the body of the bag.. Mine was 5 rnds of white separated by 10 rnds of Chocolate, then another 5 rnds of white. Then worked with chocolate again.
Next rnd: knit 36, bind off 36, knit 36, bind off 36.

Now we will be working in rows, forming the handles.
Knit first row
Purl next row
*Knit 1, knit 2 tog, knit across until last 3 stitches, knit 2 tog, knit one
Purl next row. Repeat from * until there are only 16 stitches left. Use Stockingette stitch (knit one row, purl one row) until half of desired length of handle.

Repeat for the other 36 sts. Sew handles together and sew bottom hole of bag closed. Crochet around all edges.

Optional: Crochet a chain loop when you finish the edges. Sew a button of choice on the side opposite the chain.


Anonymous said...

I love your bag! I've never seen this yarn in a chocolate color, but I'll be looking got it. Knit on!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Kitty! This is exactly the pattern I've been looking for.

Anonymous said...

Is this considered an easy project?

The only thing I've knitted has been a scarf, and my daughter wants this bag.

I'm not sure about adding too, how to keep up with that. Also, about having so many different needles going at one time.


Unknown said...

For me, it was easy, but then I'm not sure if it would be easy for you. There is other ways to start the bag. I know that you can use 2 circulars to start, instead of the double pointed needles, then switch to one circular when you get all the stitches on. As for the increases, put a marker right after each stitch, then you will know that the stitch just before the marker is the one you need to do the increase with.

Anonymous said...

I love it!
I spent the past hour trying to find a pattern like this, and I finally did! Phew

Anonymous said...

Hi Kitty! I would LOVE to have a go at making this bag. I just got finished knitting a market bag and this one looks just as fun! I'm a little confused by the "double pointed needles - 5 in a bag" - what are those? I do not think you are referring to straight needles. Thanks, just trying to get my head around it before I begin. :)